US Cellular Air - Let air card go over and charged 250.00.

Aurora, Indiana 0 comments

I have an air card for 5mg.WITH US CELLULAR...

they refuse to cut off when limit reached..said they couldn,t....however they shut it off when bill reached 900.00..however.. they indicated I was lucky as they were only going to charge me 250.00 ..I should thAnk them for that...bull****...if they can cut it off at one level then they could shut it off at my limit.....AND now this has happened to my son to the tune of 1500.00$ but he should feel lucky they are only going to charge him 400.00$... How *** lucky can you get????? this is just a way to screw us into paying more money.

they are the wizardS of computers...they CAN FIX THIS..

class action .???I AM PISSED........

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